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Welcome to the wonderful world of Toy Rat Terriers!  We hope you find what you are looking for, wether it is information or a new family member.    If you have one of our puppies, let us know how they are doing and send updated pictures and thank you for loving them as much as we have.  Thank you for visiting us. Come back often.

We have toy and tot sizes.  Our adults range from 3 to 5 pounds.   They are the result of many years of selective breeding to insure the correct temperament ( Rat-A-Tude) that we all love so much. With the BIG dog in a TINY package, you just can not go wrong!  The wonderful rainbow of colors, not just the classic black and white tri's. They are very smart, easy to train.  Their short coats make them easy to care for.  They are very playful and active, but also love to cuddle on your lap.  They are great watch dogs, good mousers, and  wonderful family pets.  We raised only the Type A, which has the longer leg and erect ears.

 You can reach us at 985-516-3000  We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: tinytoyratterriers@yahoo.com   

Our "Puppy Palace"  was designed and built for the comfort and care of our babies.  This room is a 12' x18' room with converted baby cribs to keep the pups off the floor and easy to keep clean and sanitary, a must for healthy pups. It is open to anyone anytime.   It is part of our house and part of our lives.   We welcome you to visit and see for yourself that the best is the only way to go! 

More pictures of the "puppy palace", featuring a kitchen with a fridge where the medicine and their special homemade food is kept, a handy sink, warming lamps to keep the ideal temptures for tiny babies, plenty of storage that keeps all of our necessary birthing items at hand, everything down to the microscope.   Each and every litter is assisted by us and when neccessary, by our beloved Veterinarian,  because our breeding females are so small,  c- sections are often needed.   No, they are not spoiled at all :-)

We started with one rat terrier for mouse control in the barn and a pet,  fell in love with the comical little fellow. We are not a "puppy mill" our litters are carefully planned and based on pedigree research for genetic superiority.  We keep only the best for our breeding program.  We have been breeding animals for over 30 years and know that you can not get good offspring by breeding individuals with less than perfect parents, you MUST have the best.  This is not easily accomplished, it takes countless hours of research and years of actual knowledge to know all the little things Mother Nature can throw at you.   As a breeder, you have to be willing to take one of your beloved pets out of the breeding program if they do not measure up.  We see no problem with that, we love them no matter what and want what is best for them.  We just do not want anyone to have to deal with any unnecessary expensive health issues.  We do the work so you don't have to.   It has been said, "you can't have just one!" and that is so true, they are addicting.  We believe healthy dogs, makes for healthy puppies. We strive for perfection. They all are vaccinated and wormed on a regular schedule, get regular baths, and are on a flea and heart-worm preventative.  The puppies don't leave here until  8 weeks of age. They will have their age appropriate vaccinations, been wormed at least twice, have had baths and nails trimmed. They generally get crate training, to get them used to being by themselves, and its a great starter for house training.  We start them using a litter pan in the house and if the weather is good they go potty outside also.  Our Dogs are all registered through UKCI and UKC and we are working on the AKC-FSS. Although we can't guarantee size, we will give you our best estimate of their adult size.  We  want you to love your puppy as much as we have. We are located in beautiful Washington Parish, Louisiana.

Our dogs are part of our family, they spend time with us inside and during the day, they have their play yard. Its fenced for their safety, as they think they are ten feet tall and bullet proof ! They have a covered run with their own "condo" if they want to take a nap.  They have a pool in the summer. A sand box, tunnels and a two story play house to play in. These little ones need plenty of excersise and they love their play yard.  They get regular runs through the barn and in the pastures.  They chase the wild turkeys and round up the horses and calves if you let them.  Then, at the end of the day, they love to cuddle on your lap and watch TV, snuggle under the covers and  keep your feet warm all night.  Make no mistake, they are every inch a rat terrier, only much smaller than most. 

Learning to navigate the A frame, just one of the many toys and obstacals they have to play on.  There is a jump hoop in the backround, set low to the ground, they love to chase each other through it!  We spend alot of time each day playing with them and really enjoy these sweet entertaining little ones!   We are hoping to start showing them in a few years when time allows.  They are the most loving and amazingly athletic little things I have ever had the pleasure of caring for.  We breed what we love, and what we think is important, so every puppy is a true labor of love and nothing less is good enough. 

Our pups must be picked up in person as they are too tiny to ship via cargo and we want them to be taken care of properly.