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Here you will find pictures of our past puppies and our new "puppy families"   Thank you all so much for sharing these pictures with us!  Keep 'em coming!

Vicky and Helios's 2010 litter of one very feisty little girl!

Phoenix and Helios litter.  The two pups are the right are staying with us, Ali and Gator.  Watch for them later this year, they will be part of our fantastic breeding group.

Phoenix and Helios 2010 male, living in Oklahoma.

Vicky and Helios's 2009 pup,  Ike Kitchens is living it up in Washington D.C.   He weighed 22 ounces when he went to his new home at 9 weeks.  He also won a "Cutest Pet Contest"  and his new family is impressed with how smart he is as well.   Here is a link to the winning picture, http://ow.ly/1fhYu

This is Vicky and Helios's little girl from their '09 litter.  Her name is Chloe and she is a very tiny tan sable, only weighed 19 ounces at 9 weeks.  She is living in Baltimore now with her wonderful new family. Picture taken at 3 months. 

Gemma and Helios's 2009 litter.  A handsome blue tuxedo boy and beautiful black tuxedo girl.  Now living in Kansas.

This is Jody's Pixie with her new buddy.  She is a Jenny and Casper pup.  She loves going to the beach with her new family. 

This is Cookie, she is a Pearl and Helios pup.  Is she cute or what??

This is  Roux and her new momma.  She is one of Phoenix and Helios 09 litter of outstanding tiny and correct pups.

Pixie and Helio's tan sable boy, their only pup from the 2009 litter and what a sweet guy he is.  I carried him in my purse everywhere and he made lots of friends before he went to his wonderful new home in Kansas.

This is Pixie and Helios's blue fawn girl, Latte, she is living in Alaska with her sister Mocha!     2008 litter.    

This is Pixie and Helios's tan sable female, Mocha.  Lucky girls!!  2008 litter.

This is Yuki's male, Spuds.  He is living in Minnesota now and making beautiful pups.

This is Lafitte, he is a Sarah and Helios pup.  

This is Henry Who (the black and white one) and his new friend and snuggle buddy, Bentley.  He lives in Indiana.  A Phoenix and Helios pup. 

This is Haylee and Frosty's 2009 litter.

This is Casper as a pup.

This is Beaux, he is a Phoenix and Helios pup.  This picture was taken when he turned 1 year old, he weighs about 3 pounds.

Jody's Pixie, she is a Jenny and Casper pup.  

Vicky and Helios pup, picture taken at 8 weeks old.

Wisper and Coopers litter 2012